Burnout, imho, is serious, misunderstood and often dismissed.  Having experienced it myself, I’m very conscious of it and how it can be so easy to fall into traps.

When I think of unschooling, I think of the day to day learning that our children need to work towards.  There are so many things, like burnout, that children and adults need to learn to live with too.  These are new things that people don’t really know how to prepare for.

And these are definitely things that schools don’t actually cater for.

For me, the first step is being aware.  I’d love to research and cater for more of these challenges that life throws in your face.

The messages that Millennials in the Western world were raised with, in other words, have taught them to work harder and better than ever before, in all aspects of their lives. And that work is making a generation miserable, as Petersen documents, as they strive to attain success and avoid failure, and are permanently attuned to the perceived expectations of others. They’ve constructed flimsy charades of identities based on what they think other people will want. They want to prove that their lives, as Frank says in Tidying Up, are things to be admired, and that their homes, vacations, children, closets all function as projections of their best selves: organized, attractive, authentic. Unattainable.