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  • Holding On To My Kids

    I read Hold Onto Your Kids a few months back and I now realise how much of the ideas in the book place a strong foundation on how I think about our unschooling life.

  • Global School Play Day

    I came across the concept of Global School Play Day last week and was curious.  On a quick glance it was obvious that it was a positive initiative to encourage more play in schools.  I get that, all is good.

  • Believe in us, and in you.

    The thing about any unschooling type activity is that we constantly have to fight what we have been taught to believe.  The whole education system has been built up on beliefs, traditions, systems and life styles that are no longer relevant.

    But it is so hard to constantly re-evaluate everything and to find the trust again within our own selves that we are able to decide things for ourselves.

  • Democratic Education

    I’m on an exploration at the moment, well, I have been for a number of years, but it is only now that I feel I can start taking action on some of the things that have been lurking inside of me.

  • Wildflower Foundation

    The Wildflower Foundation is interesting.