I got reminded of this comic from The Oatmeal again.

Particularly this part:

<figcaption>Source: The Oatmeal</figcaption></figure>

The thing about any unschooling type activity is that we constantly have to fight what we have been taught to believe.  The whole education system has been built up on beliefs, traditions, systems and life styles that are no longer relevant.

But it is so hard to constantly re-evaluate everything and to find the trust again within our own selves that we are able to decide things for ourselves.

And it makes it even harder when 99% of the people around you think you are some kind of crazy, it strikes more fear into you, more so in the earlier days of unschooling.

The fear adds to everything else, but we have to learn to listen to it. Make an evaluation and then make the change that we believe is right for us.  It doesn’t always mean we will get things right.  But at least we will be trying to head in the right direction.