This is an interesting, somewhat longer than average read - why aren’t kids being taught to read?

It has left me a bit confused to be honest.  And at parts felt like a sales pitch for the LETRS program.

I can also understand the science aspect of it. Plus, it is worth bearing in mind, this is very much focused on school environments, regardless of class, apparently.

But what troubles me is that, my gut says, that people are different. They learn in different ways.  I’ve read so many stories of how children who are unschooled / home schooled / home educated learning to read differently.

My eldest (now 15) was an avid reader, once he was able to read he went off flying and read lots.

My 2nd, now 15, could read from 6/7, but didn’t show interest in reading until he was 10.  Then read loads for 2 years.

My current 7 year old is a reluctant reader, but is getting there.  He’s never been to school, my two eldest did.  I do wonder if that made a difference.  I think it do, for the best, or the worst!

I also loosely remember reading Rethinking learning to read a fairly long while back - which I can’t be completely sure of (unless I revisit it), but it had a huge emphasis on the many different ways that children do learn to read.

I’ve maintained a long running interest in how best to teach (my) kids to read/write. 

It’s things like this that confuzzle me!

It would be great to be able to give practical guidance to everyday home eudcators / home schoolers / unschoolers…does this exist somewhere?