I came across The semantic bleaching of ‘unschooling’ where Milva, the author, talks about her dissatisfaction at how people are using the term inaccurately.

Weeks ago I wrote about it on this blog. I’ve also seen and heard the topic discussed on social media and in conversation. One of the difficulties in talking about the definition of unschooling is that it’s never really had a formal definition.  John Holt coined it in the 1970s upon hearing a 7-UP commercial dubbing the soft drink “the uncola.” he applied the prefix accordingly and came up with “unschooling.” In the late 1970s when he started the magazine Growing Without Schooling he said the word would be used “when we mean taking kids out of school.”


I don’t really disagree with anything she says, I guess what makes me sad is she feels the need to stop using the word - going with the term home schooling.  Of course what she writes about will still be ‘unschooly’ things, but I feel others may not understand or identify with it as easily.

Milva’s choice is to go with the term/idea of slow homeschooling.  I love the term slow, and use it alot it all aspects of my life.  In the UK I find people tend to use the term ‘home education’ rather than homeschooling.

I’m not really bothered much by any of it, it’s just words at the end of the day.  I do want to define what unschooling means to me and my research and Milva’s article will serve as a good reminder.