Why Homeschooling Is Changing My Life…

I expected change, but the way things are changing aren’t really what I had envisioned. My life has changed quite alot in the past year. Not according to plan – things just happened. I love the changes. ¬†Somehow I’ve gone from full time education or child care for my boys to full time homeschooling mother … [Read more…]

A Guide / Tutor / Teacher / Mentor for my boys

So I’ve been thinking about the concept of a guide, whilst thinking how I’m going to manage things going forward. Work is busy and I’m really in need of extra support. ¬†I had thought about getting a part time nanny or mothers helper, but the more I thought about it the more it doesn’t feel … [Read more…]

Guides For Home Schooling Children

I came across this post about a family looking for guides for their new to homeschooling children. It’s an interesting angle, and certainly something that appeals to me. ¬†Rather than having a tutor for a very specific subject, it makes sense to have someone (who is not the parent) to guide your kids along the … [Read more…]