But How Will They Get A Job?

As an unschooling parent, this question often crops up.  For some reason, it becomes unthinkable that someone who doesn’t go to school (for most of their life) will be unable to get a job.  This thinking needs to stop! If there is one thing I could have changed as a child/teenager, it would be understanding … [Read more…]

Why Are People So Surprised When Kids Learn By Themselves?

So, Ethiopian village kids teach themselves via a tablet. Or there’s the pretty famous computer in a wall experiment where Indian kids taught themselves a whole range of things. We read these stories, become inspired and just think it’s amazing. But really, why is it so amazing? Why do we think so little of the future … [Read more…]

Making creative choices, having less stuff in a rich environment…

As unschoolers we are making a lifestyle choice. Unschooling is the process of deschooling ourselves; as parents and children. School indoctrinates us to respond to schedules and agendas defined by others. Great for factories (or the needs of industry), not so great for creative thinking. Seth Godin does a great job of explaining the current state … [Read more…]