Won’t The Kids Just Sit And Play Video Games All Day?

Society has such little faith in our children.  It seems if we are not there to guide, monitor and control them then they will make awful decisions. One of the most common responses to us unschooling is… But won’t they just: play video games all day? watch TV all day? not do any real work? … [Read more…]

Why And How We Cancelled Christmas

Graham recently wrote about life choices we have made as ‘unschoolers’.   For us, we are viewing unschooling in the sense of not just our kids education, but as our life as a whole picture. The 3 key areas (for us) we have identified for this are: unschooling, bootstrapping and minimalism.  As we find that … [Read more…]

The Science Behind The Education System

I’ve always loved the Montessori approach to learning. My 3 year old goes to a local Montessori Nursery, as did his older brothers several years back. Their experience has been nothing but positive. Sure, Teresa who runs the little Montessori nursery deserves a lot of credit for being lovely 🙂 but I also think there … [Read more…]

But How Will They Get A Job?

As an unschooling parent, this question often crops up.  For some reason, it becomes unthinkable that someone who doesn’t go to school (for most of their life) will be unable to get a job.  This thinking needs to stop! If there is one thing I could have changed as a child/teenager, it would be understanding … [Read more…]