We are an unschooling family of 4 kids and 2 parents.  We are 3 years into our journey and we’d love to share some tips!

Here we present you with 30 challenges, steps and ideas to help you understand and potentially take steps towards making it happen.

  1. What the heck is unschooling?
  2. What if school didn’t exist?
  3. To unschool you need to declutter
  4. Don’t make a school at home!
  5. How to manage an income whilst unschooling
  6. Can you really hear that? Listening to what your kids actually are trying to say.
  7. Lead by example
  8. Develop your routines
  9. Don’t get mad!
  10. Do something crazy (or just different).
  11. Forget socialisation, get to know your kids again.
  12. Have you paid attention to how your child feels?
  13. Define your own schedule.
  14. How can you help your child achieve mastery?
  15. Does your child see you at work?
  16. Re-ignite their curiosity.
  17. Go on a walk.
  18. Do a _______ marathon.
  19. Create a yes day.
  20. Are you doubting yourself yet?
  21. Create your own values.
  22. What would a perfect life look like?
  23. Finding it hard?  Good, it’s probably the way it should be.
  24. Respect your child.  Treat them like a future grown up.
  25. Watch your child.
  26. Be with your child.
  27. Collaborate and listen.  Find the win win.
  28. Breathe.  Really. The kids will be alright.
  29. Encourage and nudge. Don’t force.
  30. Stop the comparing. Really, stop, right now!
  31. Your amazing child.
  32. Should you take your children out of school? / Should you unschool?