06 Aug

Making Stamps

Today I made a stamp.  This is really just a trial to test out the quality, I’ll probably try to find some better and bigger material to use for other projects.  I’d like to look into making ones suitable for printing on tshirts.  I think Lego characters would go down well in our house!

For making this stamp…

I chose a trident because Aaron is loving Greek Mythology at the moment. I found a picture of one on the internet using my iPad, lightly traced it with tracing paper, then coloured it in with pencil.

Stamp making

I then pressed the rubber / eraser on the drawing which left an imprint.

Stamp making

Next I used a lino cutting tool to carve around the print of the trident.

Stamp making

Then we tested it out :)

Stamp making

Not bad for a first attempt and good enough to keep the kids happy.

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