Starting A Computer Club

I’m trialling out the idea of starting a computer club,  because I’m home educating I’m starting out with setting something up for the local home ed group.

Within my research I was looking for local computer clubs and found nothing.  There’s a ton of art, sports and after school clubs/classes, but nothing related to computers. I guess society thinks it’s not necessary – I mean kids are on computers all the time, so why have a club?

Of course I’m being sarcastic.  I’m hoping that with a bit of guidance we can get kids more interested in coding and just generally making stuff with computers and on the web.

The closest thing to a computer club seems be Code Club – which looks to be doing great things, but isn’t quite what I’m after.

We have our first meetup at my house – there are about 8 people committed to come.  Which is a great start.  I’ll post an update here on how it goes.

I’m currently kind of envisioning a loose coworking type movement, perhaps like how Jelly’s are set up where kids get together to do computer stuff.  I am also thinking of perhaps starting a Kickstarter campaign so we can buy some  laptops/tablets/devices/hardware that we can use permanently.

The challenge for me is that I’m not a coder, lets see how I cope!

I’ve started a resource / reference page here.


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